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2024-Primary Candidates

*Limited to select contested races only

US Representative District 26

2024.01.07 Armey Headshot.jpg

Scott Armey

Profile - Doug Robison_edited_edited.jpg

Doug Robison

Joel Krause

DN HS.png

Neena Biswas

Mark "Big Rut" Rutledge

Vlad Headshot.png

Vlad De Franceshi

Burt Head shot.png

Burt Thakur

Jason Kergosien

BG HS from RL.png

Brandon Gill

Revised Huff HS.png

John Huffman

LDR Headshot.png

Luisa Del Rosal

State Representative Dist. 64

Hopper Head Shot.png

Andy Hopper

EH FB Headshot.png

Elaine Hays

Stucky Headshot.png

Lynn Stucky

Wise County Sheriff

Mella Headshot.png

Cary Mellema

Rex Hoskins

WH HS.png

Wesley Hughes


Craig D. Johnson

Listed Candidates are in ballot order for Wise County.  All Candidate info has been provided by the candidates and the Sec. of State.

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