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Chairman's Reports

This section is dedicated to the Wise County Republican Chairman for updates and commentary on issues that affect Republicans is Wise County.

Greetings and welcome to the Chairman's Page.  My name is Mike Drury and I am proud to serve as your Wise County Republican Chair.  

My approach to the job of chairman is rooted in the Republican Party of Texas' principles, planks and legislative priorities.  I am a firm believer in the mission statement of the party-

  • To promote a conservative philosophy of government:​​

  • By promoting conservative principles; and​​

  • By providing the infrastructure through which those who share our conservative principles can get involved in the political process, run for and be elected to public office, and govern according to our principles when elected.

God bless Wise County and God Bless the Great state of Texas!

Are you a Republican?



Since the 1850's we have had two main political parties and lately, I have been asking myself and others what it means to be a Republican. The left loves to define us and it’s usually derogatory. Many terms and labels have been used such as Christian Nationalists, moral majority, conservatives, as well as others. (Why is the left choosing to label us in a derogatory way?)

Strangely, what we have seen in our county is that many self-professed left-leaning voters, at their own admission, vote “Republican”. Now why would they rather do that than run their own candidate? Their reasoning behind voting Republican is to choose the most liberal Republican candidate. I don’t know about you, but I have never considered voting for a Democrat to elect the most conservative Democrat. Unfortunately, that is the scenario I see play out cycle after cycle in Texas.

Perhaps our issue in Texas is that it takes no commitment or effort to either be a Republican or Democrat. Becoming either just takes voting in one primary on that ticket and voila' you’re in.

Do we need a commitment by those elected to represent us? 

Recently, the WCRP reached out to our elected officials who ran as Republicans. We asked them to sign a letter committing to the principles, values, and priorities of the Republican Party of Texas.

Easy, right?

The results were very interesting to say the least. Those holding offices of Precinct Chair and County Chair were 100% signed and committed. As we asked other officials, some readily signed, others wanted to modify the wording of the commitment before signing, others refused to sign, and disappointingly, some said they verbally committed but would not make it public one way or the other.

Does making a commitment change the way we think or act? I think it does. Consider the effects of making a commitment in marriage, churches, clubs, etc. If you are married, how would your spouse react to you modifying the vows, refusing to say them or merely nodding your head in apparent agreement to what the preacher said? After laughing at that example please realize that many whom we entrust and elect in our local and state government have only that minimum level of commitment.

If you run for an elected office as a Republican, then officially signing and committing publicly to uphold the planks of the Republican party should be an easy decision. I’m proud of those who signed the pledge as they have made a choice to proudly be a Republican. Conversely, those who flatly refused to sign prove that they in fact are “wolves in sheep’s clothing” willfully deceiving the voters. The worst of all though are the ones on the fence, afraid to take a stand, and unwilling to make a commitment!

Does change require commitment?

Without commitment there is no change. Goals and objectives be it personal or professional require intentionality and focus.For years the left has diligently worked a plan. Just turn on the news any time day or night and be reminded of how well the plan has worked. They have invested years of tireless effort. It is easy to make the case they are committed to their plan, and it appears to be effective.

Do Republicans have a plan? The answer is yes! Look at the eight legislative priorities and the 275 planks voted on by committed Republicans at the state convention in the summer of 2022.

It seems overwhelming to see all that is happening around us and wonder where to begin. It begins small. It begins in our own neighborhood. Conversations and relationships are the beginning of change and Wise County needs each of us.

To sum this up, if you can identify as a Republican, want to hold those elected accountable to the Republican Party, and want to make a commitment; your county Republican party needs you.

Please, go to our Website, Wise Republican Party - Wise County, TX #mywrp and sign up to be a monthly donor. Sign up to help reach your fellow Wise County voters or even consider applying to fill one of the open precinct chair seats. Thank you to all who have made commitments! If we, who are Republicans, will make a commitment to work with intentionality and focus we will make a huge impact that will be seen and felt in our community.

Mike Drury 

Wise County Republican Chair

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